Four University Girls

During my second year at university I shared a house with three other girls; Virginia, known by all as Ginny, a slim tall girl, brunette and very outward going; there was Anne, she was the sensible one of the group, very homely, she was quite short but well proportioned and with jet black hair; Lucy was the shy one, but she was the one all the boys fancied, at just under 6 feet tall, with long blonde hair and ample breasts she could easily have been a model; and then there was me of course Jennifer, or Jenny, I have dark hair, I`m fairly slim with 36C breasts. We all got on easily with one another, and it was quite the norm for us to wander around the house semi-naked, we borrowed, when they fitted, each others clothes.

It was a Friday night and we had chosen to have a night in, we got a few bottles of wine, a Chinese takeaway and settled down to watch a film on TV. After the film finished we were all getting quite tipsy. Anne said she was going to bed before she got to drunk, typical Anne. Lucy had another glass of wine before she said she was going to call it a day and she headed slightly unsteadily upstairs to her bedroom.

Ginny and I opened another bottle of wine and tried to find something worth watching on TV. As we flicked through the channels we came across a soft core porn film, we kept it on and ended up giggling at the poor acting. It was pretty tame, no graphic details, just plenty of tits, bottoms, a few pussy`s and even fewer limp cocks.

As we watched, I did find myself becoming slightly aroused, especially when a lesbian scene came on, we had stopped giggling at the film and we both watched intently as two women made love to one another. As they got into a `sixty-nine` I must have let out a slight sigh, Ginny turned to me and asked quite matter of fact if the sight of two women turned me on.

“No.” I told her, lying.

As I spoke to her I noticed that her nipples were hard, quite clear through the material of her T-shirt, she was obviously finding the film quite intriguing as well. We continued watching and as the credits rolled she turned and asked me straight out if I found the film a turn on. I couldn`t lie, she would see right through me, and besides is it wrong to find porn a turn on. I then asked her the same question.

“MMmm just a bit, do you know what turned me on the most though, the lesbian scenes.” She replied.

I agreed commenting that a woman must know how to turn another woman on. I casually glanced over to Ginny, her nipples clearly erect through her T-shirt, and she seemed to be fidgeting slightly. Without any thought, certainly not on my part, we edged together slightly, she looked at me and we slowly brought our lips together, our first kiss was more of a light peck, we stared into each other’s eyes as the kiss became more passionate, my first kiss with another woman. I remember her soft lips, our tongues now exploring each other’s mouths; just thinking about it now makes me shiver with excitement.

As the kiss continued I slowly moved my hands to caress her breasts through her T-shirt, feeling her erect nipples. Ginny, not to be outdone, slid her hands under my T-shirt and gently rubbed my breasts through my bra, and then she lifted my bra over my breasts, giving her unimpeded access to my nipples, her hands started to play with my hard nipples, gently pulling and pinching them. I managed to push my hands up her T-shirt, and played with her breasts through her bra.

After a few minutes of this, I removed one of my hands from her T-shirt and placed it on her thigh and then ran it up to her groin, I couldn’t believe how forward I had become, and I started to rub her through the material of her jeans, almost feeling the heat coming from her pussy. She moaned quietly and let her legs open slightly giving me better access.

We continued to kiss, and now I felt one of her hands work its way down over my stomach and onto my mound, were she rubbed the heel of her hand into my mound, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I wanted more. I undid the button of her jeans and then slowly lowered her zip. I pushed my hand into her jeans, my fingers snaking into her panties; I could feel her wispy pubic hair, my fingers eager to continue on their journey.

At that moment we both heard one of the other girls open their bedroom door and start to come downstairs, we had just enough time to sort ourselves out and rearrange our clothes. The moment was lost though.

We all went on our own to our beds. As I lay naked in my bed, I couldn`t help but slide my hand down between my thighs, feeling my wetness. As I lay there, gently rubbing myself, I could hear Ginny in the next room. I could just make out the noise of her fingering herself, the slurping noise of her fingers penetrating her pussy. Oh how I wanted to be in there with her, to watch her, to join her. I fingered myself hard imagining me watching Ginny Cum, I then heard a stifled moan through the wall as she finally climaxed, my own climax following quickly.

The following morning I lay in bed, apprehensive about going down for breakfast, I could hear the others already downstairs, suppose Ginny had said something, god I would die of embarrassment.

I got out of bed, and put a T-shirt on over which I slipped into my silk dressing gown, I used the bathroom, deciding to have a shower after my morning coffee, and descended the stairs into the kitchen.

“Good morning all.” I greeted everyone.

“Morning.” was the reply I received in unison from the three girls.

I went and put the kettle on and waited for it to boil, everyone acted completely normally, even Ginny, `good` I thought she hasn`t mentioned anything to anyone.

I glanced over to where Ginny was sitting, she was wearing just her nightie, she smiled at me, her head tilted slightly; it was the first time I had looked at her in any way other than a friend. I imagined the kiss we had the previous evening, her touch between my thighs.

I smiled back at her, I could just make out her nipples through her nightie, as my gaze wandered down over her body she slowly, oh so slowly crossed her legs, her nightie riding up over her thighs, I could almost see her pussy. I snapped out of it and looked back up; she stared straight back at me and smiled.

I could feel myself becoming aroused, my pussy was throbbing, wanting attention, I could feel my hard nipples straining at the material of my T-shirt, every slight movement I made I could feel the material rasping across them causing them to become even more sensitive. I knew I must be blushing. I poured myself a cup of coffee and hurried back upstairs to try and compose myself.

I sat on my bed, drinking my coffee, trying to gather my thoughts. I heard the front door open and then Anne and Lucy announced they would see us later, they were going shopping. I then heard Ginny ascend the stairs, I could feel my pulse racing, I wasn`t ready for this, my mouth was dry.

“You don`t need the bathroom do you, I`m going to take a shower.” Ginny announced.

“No, no thank you.” I managed to stammer.

I listened as Ginny entered the bathroom and heard the shower start. I breathed a sigh of relief. My mouth was still dry, so I decided to make myself another cup of coffee.

I quietly opened my door; I was about to walk into the hallway when I noticed that Ginny hadn`t closed the bathroom door properly, I glanced briefly into the bathroom, the sight that met me was breathtaking. Through the steam I could see Ginny, she was standing in the shower facing away from me, her long slim legs slightly spread, her pert buttocks glistening from her shower gel. I watched mesmerised as she washed her breasts, from where i stood watching I could just make out the curves of her breasts.

I wanted to stop and watch but I feared she would turn and catch me watching, so I continued downstairs to pour myself another coffee.

I should have stayed downstairs, but my curiosity got the better of me, perhaps I would be able to catch another glimpse of gorgeous Ginny in the shower.

As I reached the top of the stairs I listened, I could still hear the shower running, but there was another noise, I could hear Ginny moaning, I hurried forward thinking that she had slipped and hurt herself.

Reaching the bathroom, I opened the door, not prepared for the sight before me. Ginny was still in the shower, still facing away from the door, but her legs were spread much further apart, I watched fascinated as one of her hands furiously rubbed at her pussy. My own hand idly brushed my pussy through my T-shirt. I shouldn`t be watching.

I quickly pulled myself together and edged back out of the bathroom and entered my bedroom. I sat on my bed, re-running the scene I had just witnessed over and over in my head.

My hand was resting between my legs and as I imagined Ginny masturbating I couldn`t help but give my pussy a quick rub.

As I tried to relieve the itch between my legs, I glanced in my dressing table mirror, and for the first time I realise that I can see into the bathroom, the bathroom door is partly in the way but by shifting over on the bed I have an almost perfect view of Ginny.

She has now lifted one leg onto the side of the bath and has taken the shower head out of its holder on the wall, and was directing the jet of water onto her pussy; I had masturbated like this many times.

I undid the cord holding my dressing gown closed and allowed it to fall open; I looked down my body and could see that my nipples were straining against the material of my T-shirt, I lifted the hem of my T-shirt and looked down at my pussy, my fingers of my right hand gently running up and down along my slit, I could feel my juice starting to moisten my lips.

I looked back at the mirror and watched as Ginny continued to stimulate herself with the shower head, I could see her other hand between her legs, spreading herself open.

I applied a bit more pressure with the fingers of my right hand, my moist pussy lips parting easily. I slowly rubbed along my slit; I thrust my hips upwards at the same time. I slowly slipped one finger into my tight hole, letting out a slight moan as I did so.

Ginny now had her head thrown back, her fingers rubbing her clit furiously, the shower head still aiming directly onto her pussy, I imagined she must be close, I wondered if she was thinking about the previous evening. I was!

My left hand was now playing with my erect nipples through my T-shirt, pulling and pinching them. Two fingers of my right hand now in my hole, I could feel the walls of my pussy squeezing on my fingers. I moved my left hand down to my wet mound and slowly edged my fingers to my highly sensitised clit. I started to slowly rub my hard nub, feeling it throb. I could feel my pussy start to spasm on my buried fingers. I now started to rub my hard clit, my fingers moving faster and faster, I closed my eyes and pictured Ginny fingering her delicate pussy, this was enough to make me cum. I could feel the contractions in my pussy, my juice starting to run through my fingers, my climax swept over me.

As my orgasm subsided, I removed my fingers from wet pussy and brought them up to my mouth, tasting myself, oh how I wished it was Ginny`s juice I was tasting. I returned my fingers to my hot hole, finally my breathing returned to normal and I opened my eyes.

“God, you look horny, when you cum.” Ginny stood in the doorway; she was still wet from her shower, a hand gently stroking her mound, her pussy lips, red and swollen, were parted slightly I could see her wet slit glistening from her juice.

Embarrassed beyond belief, my fingers still buried in my pussy.

“So did you enjoy watching me, I knew you were there, I could see you reflecting of the tiles, and did you enjoy watching me fuck myself? I was thinking about you.” Ginny asked.

Ginny started to slowly walk towards the bed and sat on the edge. I removed my fingers from my pussy and Ginny took my hand and brought it up to her mouth, she looked straight into my eyes as she slowly sucked my cum from my fingers.

“MMMmmmm, you taste nice, do you want to taste me?”

Ginny then took my hand in hers and brought it between her legs, I could feel the heat from pussy, I extended a finger and placed it along her slit, Ginny moaned, and started to move my hand slowly up and down her mound. My finger, eager to plunge into her sweet hole, finally found her entrance and snaked into her. She was so wet, my finger easily sliding inside her and then without warning she removed my hand and brought it up to my mouth. For the first time a tasted another woman, her juice tasted exquisite, I sucked my fingers clean of her pussy juice.

Ginny then kissed me, passionately, her tongue squirming its way into my mouth, our tongues flicking together, our kiss becoming more and more urgent. As we kissed I felt Ginny place a hand on my breast, and gently start to massage it through my T-shirt, she gently pinched my nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

I placed my hand on her thigh, wanting to feel her pussy again, and started to edge it towards her mound. My fingers tracing along the top of her thigh. My fingers start to part her pubic hair, I can feel her wetness on her mound.

We finally break our kiss and Ginny peels up my T-shirt, I sit up slightly, allowing her to remove it completely. I lie back down, Ginny lowers her head, I can feel her warm breath on my breasts and then I felt her tongue start to lick around my nipples, and then she sucked one into her mouth, she gently started to bite on my hard, sensitive nipple. I then felt a hand running over my stomach towards my pussy.

I moaned when I felt her fingers running through my pubes, her fingers gently running along my wet lips. I opened my legs, giving Ginny better access. Her fingers followed further down my slit, the heel of her hand pushing onto my mound, making me gasp.

I moved my hand back between her legs, my fingers eager to continue toying with her. They easily parted her wet lips, my fingers scratching along her slit up to her hot hole. I pushed first one then two fingers into her, making her moan.

Ginny lifted her head from my stiff nipples, she then pulled her fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean.

“I want your tongue.” She gasped.

Without saying another word she knelt on the bed and straddled me, she looked down at me and edged herself forward until her knees were either side of my head; I had a perfect view of her slit as she slowly lowered herself.

I could smell her sweet sex, I wanted to taste her. I lifted my head and slowly pushed my tongue into her moist slit. Ginny gasped as I pushed my tongue deep into her. She reached down and spread her lips, my tongue rasped along her spread pussy, tasting her sweet juice, god I was in heaven.

“Suck my clit.” Ginny commanded.

My tongue snaked up her wet slit to her clit, I kissed her hard clit and then sucked it into my mouth, I felt her tense as I sucked hard on her throbbing clit, I gently started to nibble on her hard clit. While still opening herself with one hand she reached behind and ran a finger along my slit.

“Jenny, suck my clit, that`s it, suck me, can you feel how wet I am for your tongue.”

I was now biting and sucking her clit harder, feeling her grinding herself onto my face, her fingers rubbing my hot slit, spreading my juice over my mound. She started to pinch and pull on her own nipples. I placed my hands on each side of her pussy and opened her lips; I now started to lap along the full length of her gaping slit, with every lick I darted my tongue into her tight hole.

Ginny continued to grind her mound onto me, my face slick with her girly juices. She ground harder and harder, my tongue fucking her hole, she writhed on my face until I felt her tense, and then I felt her pussy spasm, her cum flooded into my mouth, I eagerly licked her wetness as she cried out.

Finally her climax subsided, Ginny lay down beside me, she leant over me and kissed me, tasting herself on my lips. She then started to kiss my neck, small kisses, making my skin tingle, she moved further down, onto the top of my breasts, her breath tickling my highly sensitive nipples. She took one in her mouth, the coldness of her saliva making it harden even more, she sucked on it, and then started to gently bite it, I moaned.

One of her hands started to paw at my other breast, massaging the flesh, making me squirm with lust; she took that nipple between her fingers and started rub it between them. Her hand then started to move down my body, she ran a finger into my navel and then moved it further down, down towards my aching mound.

I wanted Ginny to finger me, I needed her to finger me, my wet sex was aching to be touched, to be fingered.

Ginny continued to move her hand down and I felt her delicate fingers running over my mound, my body twitched, her fingers started to explore my hot, wet pussy, rubbing over my mound and then her fingers gently scratched along my slit, I wanted her fingers in me.

Her mouth left my nipple and she started to kiss my chest and then my navel, her tongue licking in circles around it, and then I felt her tongue start to move further down. I looked down my body and watched as Ginny ran her tongue down over my mound and then between my legs.

Ginny moved into a more comfortable position, kneeling between my spread legs, my knees bent. I watched as she buried her head into my aching pussy, involuntarily, I raised myself, wanting to grind my pussy into her eager mouth. I started to moan as I felt her searching tongue start to probe my wet slit.

Ginny used both hands to open my sex, giving her tongue better access to my wanting hole, she started to dart her tongue quickly in and out of my throbbing, tight pussy hole.

I reach down with both hands to hold Ginny`s head, to force her deeper into my mound, as I hold her I grind my pussy as hard as I can into her mouth. Ginny rubs at my hard clit, her fingers sliding easily over my cum soaked pussy, I can feel my orgasm approaching, I hold her head forcing her deeper and deeper into me.

Finally I cum, I can feel my pussy start to spasm, I feel my juice squirt into Ginny`s mouth, god I`ve never cum like this before.

I finally release my grip on Ginny`s head, she gives me a final lick before looking up at me, her face red from her exertions, her face slick and glistening from my wetness.

She lies next to me, both of us exhausted, we hold one another close and fall asleep in each other`s arms.