Freshmen Roommates Discover Each other

After graduating high school and leaving my comfortable home in Florida, I found myself rooming with a wild child from southern California. Ella, was tall and slender with long flowing blonde hair and a deep tan. Her fit frame was ample for supporting her large B cupped breasts. Even at our first meeting, I wasn’t afraid to say how I thought she was attractive. Up to this point in my life, I had done quite a bit of sexual experimentation throughout high school with boyfriends and alone, however, I had not ventured into my bisexual side yet. Living in a fairly strict house, I hid my sexual activities and limited masturbation sessions to the shower or when I was home alone. Up to this point, my self exploration was pretty straight forward. Mostly with fingers, although I had found a hair brush handle that I became quite fond of. I knew of the world of sex toys, but wouldn’t dare to bring one into my home, for fear of being found out. My sex life was quite the norm for a high school student. Mostly consisting fooling around in the back seat, which led to many a blow jobs and eventually into some hot sweaty sex with the boyfriend of the moment. Toward the end of my senior year of high school, I had more often found myself fantasizing about being with another girl, but had not acted out on any of my torrid thoughts.

Ella and I hit it off right away. Becoming friends fast, we often found ourselves having late night erotic conversations about our previous sexual activity. It was obvious from the get go that she was far more experienced than I. Ella told stories of masturbation with vibrators and dildos and hot sex stories about being on the beaches and even on the school football field. She even spoke of an experience at a party where she found herself drunk in a bedroom with a cock in each hand. Ella never spoke of any experience with other girls so it left me to wonder if she was grossed out by the practice, or just shy about speaking of it in front of me. After ending each night and turning off the lights, I would find my hands sliding into my panties while lying in bed just feet from my roommate. As I would retell the story I had just heard to myself, as my fingers would slide up and down over my ever swelling moistening lips. Biting my lower lip to prevent the slippage of any moans, I would lye facing the wall, my back to Ella’s bed and gently moisten my pussy until access could be made to my sopping hole. Making sure to silence any noises, I would allow a finger to slip past and deliver an explosive amount of pleasure as it would plunge into me. While plunging my finger in and working in a second, I often found myself wondering if Ella was doing the same as she lay just feet away, thinking of one of my stories, or maybe me. Working my way to a silent orgasm, I would cum on my fingers and often bring them up to my lips for a gentle lick, to taste myself then doze off.

One evening, returning from a late class, I walked down the hall of my dorm and entered our room as usual. To my astonishment and excitement, Ella was sitting on her bed, bare chested with her breasts bouncing as she wildly rode the guy she was straddling. Stopping in awe, I stood there, frozen, watching as she grinded her shaven, heated pussy onto his pumping cock. Ella and the guy were completely entranced in each other as it took several seconds to realize I had walked into the room. Suddenly I snapped out of it and dropped my book on the floor just as Ella realized I had been standing there. She abruptly stopped pumping the cock and fell straight to her stomach, burying herself in the bed. I took a step back and slammed the door as I said, “I’m sorry.”

Stepping back into the hallway, I was still a bit shocked about what I had just seen. I had never even watched a porno let alone someone else having sex. I was overwhelmed with arousal and felt my pink and white pokadot thong getting wet under my jean skirt. Leaning against the wall, I had to pause for a moment to take a breath. I had so many thoughts running through my mind. What it would be like to be riding someone as she had or what if I had been involved in it, or even if I could have watched longer. Another moment passed until I heard the door open and my wet thoughts were interrupted. The guy walked out first and immediately made the turn and walked down the hall. Ella exited shortly after, wearing a long t-shirt with what I imagined to be nothing on underneath but a heated pussy with warm juices running down her inner thighs and perky tits with still erect nipples.

Ella’s face was red and she immediately began to apologize. I soothed her by telling her it was ok and that I was sorry and should have knocked before entering. I wanted so badly to tell her how hot I thought it was and how horny the two of them had just made me, but the words just didn’t materialize. After not having any sex for several months since moving to school, I was actually jealous of the hard cock that had just been spreading Ella’s wet lips and pounding into her. As we walked into our room, I made a quick joke about putting a pair of panties on the door whenever we have a boy over, so the other knows not to enter. We just laughed as she walked into the joint bathroom we shared with our neighbors. I heard the shower kick on and just wished she would hurry so she could tell me about the encounter and who the boy was.

The next day we awoke and things went on as usual. The week came to a close and we decided we would go out for the night and have some fun. We did the usual freshman thing and went to a couple of parties with friends at some apartments off campus. Taking shots and playing some drinking games before making our way back to the all girls dorm on campus. Being somewhere between tipsy and drunk, we were loud and giggly as we made our way down the hall to our room. Unlocking the door we entered and instantly I pulled my top over my head and dropped it to the floor. Standing there in my jeans and pink lace bra, I told Ella I was going to get in the shower to wash the evenings humid stickiness off of me. Gasping, she said that was a great idea and as opened the door to the bathroom, she slid the straps to her sundress over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Ella was standing there in nothing but a blue t back thong. Pausing from entering the bathroom, I couldn’t help but stop and admire her tan line free body. Ella turned away from me and bent over to pick up her dress. As she bent over, I could see the thin material of her thong was nearly tucked into her pussy. With the thin strip, I was able to see both sides of her mound before she stood up and tossed the dress into her clothes pile.

Refocusing my attention to the bathroom, I entered and turned on the shower. It was a narrow stall, not even big enough to expand your arms all the way out. As I shimmied out of my jeans and stood there in my matching pink thong, I realized Ella was standing behind me. That’s when I realized her gasp was meant to be that she was going to join me. Fits of excitement ran over my body. I had never taken a shower with another girl before. I have known friends that have showered together, but with no sexual activity taking place therein. Thoughts of Ella’s intentions raced through my head. Was this going to be an innocent shower or was more going to take place. As Ella slid off her panties, she made a slight tug at the strap of my thong and asked if I’d be wearing it in. In her drunken slurred speech, she said, “Don’t worry; I’m not gonna rape you or anything.” Following her lead, I slid my panties down over my hips and let them fall to the floor as I wondered if she could rape the willing. Stepping out of my thong, I stepped into the shower and felt the warn water run over my shoulders and down my chest to my B cupped breasts and down to my smoothly shaven mound. As she stepped in, I moved over as she took her place under the hot water of the shower. Watching as she ran her hands through her golden hair, she moaned in pleasure of the hot water.

While she basked in the hot water, I began soaping myself, first lathering my hands and chest. As I rubbed my lathered hands over my beasts, I could feel my nipples as they hardened in response to the thoughts in my head. The shower was a tight fit as we continuously bumped and grazed into each other as she began to lather. As I bent over to run the lather down my legs, Ella placed a playful full handed slap on my ass. Coming as a surprise, the slap jolted me, causing me to bump into the side of the shower wall. Hearing my thud, Ella wrapped her arms around me and began laughing. With one of her arms wrapped around my toned stomach and the other crossing my breasts, I wondered if this is how Ella was going to make her move. With Ella still giggling, I could only imagine what our bathroom sharing neighbors were thinking was going on. As Ella’s giggles faded and she stood back up to rinse off, I realized that she didn’t have any intentions of making this shower into a sexual liaison. After she rinsed, we switched as I took my turn to rinse the lathered soap off my body. As the hot water flowed over my body as Ella watched, I couldn’t help but wonder if she noticed my nipples had become rock hard and completely erect from our drunken shower.

She stepped out and I followed. Ella handed me a towel as she picked up her own. Making our way back into our room she said she hoped it wasn’t awkward taking a shower with her. I told her no as I sponged my hair with my towel, standing there fully naked in full view of her exploring eyes. She laughed as she said, “It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before anyway.” We giggled as she tossed her towel to the floor and fell back on her bed still naked. Shimmying up to her pillows to rest her head she spoke of how much fun she had at the parties as I watched her breast jiggle as she settled.

Rubbing her hands down the sides of her naked body she said, “He didn’t have the biggest cock, but god was he getting me off. I must have come three or four times, till you walked in that is.” Then she laughed, “Too bad he didn’t get the chance to get his.” We both giggled as Ella began to trace a finger around her belly, “That was the first cock I’ve gotten since coming to school.”

“You’ve got me beat, I haven’t gotten any since I’ve been here.” I said as I tossed my towel to the floor.

Giggling at me, she said “You must be so horny.”

Was she ever right. Walking to my dresser to get some clothes and still being tipsy from the drinking, I said “I’ve had to resort to getting myself off all the time, I’m like, constantly horny.”

Laughing she said, “I know.”

Stopping just shy of the dresser, I was taken back, had she seen me? I’d done it several times as she slept just feet away, at least I thought she was asleep. Shyly I said, “You did?”

Sitting up and adjusting to sit Indian style she said, “I’m not always asleep you know.”

Oh god, she had seen me, watched me. Walking back to my bed, without getting any clothes, I sat down and slid my naked self back against the wall. I put my legs straight out and put my hands in my lap.

“I’ve looked up several nights and seen you squirming under your covers. It was pretty obvious. And it was hot watching you bite your lip trying to keep your moans quiet, but in the moment, you were still making noise.”

Turning slightly red I said, “Why didn’t you say something, you just let me do it with you right next to me?” She had just watched as I feverously fingered myself and brought myself to orgasms thinking of the stories she had told.

Bashfully she said, “Well, I got turned on, I’m surprised you never noticed, several times, after seeing you, I would too. I mean, I’m not a lesbian or anything, but, just seeing it made me hot. I couldn’t help myself.”


“Yea, you haven’t ever done it after seeing someone?”

“No, well, I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity.” I could see that her nipples had gotten hard during our conversation and I could only imagine that her pussy was feeling the same excitement. I knew mine was. With my hands in my lap, I could feel the heat coming from mine, as my nipples were still hard from the shower. As I got over the initial shock and embarrassment, I realized that I was aroused at being watched. All I could think about was spreading my legs and sliding my fingers into my already wet pussy.

Ella said, “I wished there hadn’t have been covers over you though, so I could see more. But, I’ve noticed you haven’t ever used a toy, or even talked about toys.”

“I’ve never had one to use.”

With that, she jumped off her bed and bounced over to her dresser, her breasts bouncing as she did. From her top drawer, she pulled a thin purple vibrator with a black adjustable knob on the bottom. I had heard about vibrators before, but never used one. She jumped onto my bed and again sat Indian style at my side, facing me. She held up the purple toy.

“This is mine. I love it.”

She turned the black knob and it began buzzing in her hand. “You just put it on your clit and adjust the speed that suits you. You’ll usually start off with it low then turn it higher and higher as your getting off. And I always end up plunging it into me and fucking myself with it.”

I sat up and readjusted into the same Indian style position, with my hands on my knees, as she demonstrated the different speeds on her hand. As it reached the highest speed, she reached it down between my legs and slid it onto my swollen clit. She started laughing as I jumped back from the extreme sensation.

“Just relax.” Turning the speed down, she again slid it onto my clit as my legs loosened up and I leaned back against the wall. “See how good that feels.”

All I could manage to get out was, “mmmm yea.”

Holding the purple toy to my mound, she used her other hand to break my position and pull my leg out and spread me open. The shock of what was happening never went through me as I was enjoying the pure thrill this purple toy was doing to me. She held it there and rubbed it back and forth and up and down my soaking wet slit.

“I can tell you like it.”

“mmmhmmm.” I couldn’t believe I had not used one of these earlier. The sensation was amazing as I began to run my hands up my stomach. I leaned my hips into the toy as my hands cupped my breasts and started massaging. I ran my right hand back down, still massaging with the left, and put my hand over hers. She guided the toy into my fingers as she removed her hand from the heat created from my yearning honey hole. As I took over controls and turned the speed up a little, she readjusted and sat back into my pillows. Bending her knees and putting her feet closer to her, she reached down and began sliding her fingers over her slit. I looked down to her mound and could tell how wet she was. Her clit was swollen and there were clearly a lot of juices flowing in her. As I continued to assault my clit with this purple wonder, She was running her fingers in a circular motion around her clit, then down her slit, teasing herself by sliding a finger into her oozing pussy with each pass.

As I bent one leg up and spread a little wider, she straightened her leg out and overlapped my downed leg. The touch excited me even more. Guiding the toy down, I did as she said, and slowly let it slide between my wet lips and into my waiting pussy. Guiding it in and out I moaned as I enjoyed feeling the vibrations inside me. I increased the speed until I was feverously pushing the toy in and out of me. Ella too had increased her self pleasure. She was now fingering herself with one hand while encircling her clit with the other. Bringing myself to orgasm, I slid the toy out of my dripping hole and turned it back to my clit. Turning the vibration up I began to shake as I came causing my juices to soak my comforter. I put both feet out and closed my legs on the toy as I slowed the speed of the vibration to match my coming down from orgasm. Ella was also reaching orgasm. As I began to wind down, she began a hurried moaning and furiously rammed two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. I watched as juices came out with each stroke. After peaking, Ella closed her legs on her hand and began trying to catch her breath.

“Oh god, that was so good.” She said.

Again, all I could manage to say was, “mmmhmmm” as my face paced heart beat was trying to slow as my chest rose and fell as I caught my breath.

Ella leaned back into my pillows as my back slid down the wall to lie on my side. Sitting perpendicular to her, both her legs lie over mine as I’m lying sideways facing her side. Without speaking we both catch our breath and rest.

“I think your gonna have to wash your comforter.” She managed to say as we began to laugh.

“Yea, but I think it was worth it.”