How I Became a Submission Lesbian

My introduction to lesbianism came a few years ago, the summer after my freshman year of college. I am 5’2, 34a, thin, short brown hair and green eyes. My mom’s best friend, Catherine, is very tall, almost 6, long blonde hair she almost always wears up, blue eyes, 36d and a gym hard body.

Catherine is in her early 40s and unmarried. She owns her own real estate company and lives three houses away. I had to go for a job interview for a summer job and had no way to get home. My mom asked Catherine if she’d pick me up from downtown and after the interview, jumped in her car.

Catherine said she wanted to hear about the interview but got a phone call and talked on her cell phone all the way home. She pulled into her driveway and as I headed away, she said “Amy, why don’t you come inside and tell me about how the interview went?”

I followed her inside and she poured us both some wine. Catherine attentively listened and gave me several glasses of wine. Then she said “I’d better stop drinking here or I won’t be able to control myself with you.” What she said hit me like a brick in the gut but I managed to ask “Um, are you gay?” Catherine laughed “Honey, have you EVER seen me with a man? How about you, have you ever been with a woman?”

I told her I’d never even thought about it. She walked right up to me put her hands on both my shoulders and said “Maybe it’s time you did think about it” and leaned forward to kiss me.

It was a wonderful, soft kiss but firm at the same time. I instinctively kissed her back. Soon, she was pushing her tongue into my mouth and both our tongues were dancing. Catherine shocked me though when she reached under my skirt and started reaching under underwear to touch my pussy. The few boys I’d dated were never that bold.

After a minute, she stopped the kiss and pulled back her face from mine and our eyes locked. She kept rubbing up and down my slit and over my clit and I felt powerless to say a word. Catherine finally spoke up. “You’re getting wet. I would like you to come in my bedroom with me”

Oh my god, my head was spinning. I’d never so much as kissed a girl and now one of the prettiest women I’d ever known wanted to have sex with me. I didn’t say anything but Catherine took my hand and led me into her room. She started to undress me. I shivered when she took my bra off. “Nice tits!” she purred. Then she removed all her own clothes but her bra and panties and got on her knees in front of me.

Catherine could sense my tension “relax dear,” she said as she began to pull my panties down. Then, I was naked “What a lovely pussy you have Amy, sit down” she said. I sat back on the bed.

I felt my heart hammering in my chest. Catherine wasted no time and planted a kiss on my open lips. She kissed all around my crotch. I keep only a very thin patch of pubic hair and Catherine remarked on how cute it looked. Then she lowered here head and began to lick me. I’d only had my pussy eaten by guys a couple of times and didn’t like it that much but Catherine had a much different touch. She flattened her tongue and licked all over my thin outer lips, making them very wet. I could barely hold in my emotions when she started to press her tongue between my labia and inside them. She repeatedly licked up and down from my anus to my clit. Suddenly, she stopped.

“Do you like this?” she looked up at me and asked. “Yes, yes!!!” blurted back, “please don’t stop.” “Good,” Catherine answered. “Cause you’re going to like it even more in a second.”

She resumed her licking, then I felt a finger pushing into my ass and her lips start to suck my clit. Within seconds, a huge orgasm was beginning to build. I could feel her finger go inside my wet asshole all the way and started to shiver with climax. I shook and bucked up and down on the bed and against her face. “mmmmm” I could her her purring into my crotch as I came my brains out.

Catherine came up and kissed me, “So how do you like lesbian sex so far?” she asked. “It was awesome,” I managed to get out between panting. She then asked, “Would you like to do that to me?” I told her that I was willing to try it.

I sat down on my knees in front of the bed while Catherine stood up and undid her long hair so that it dropped down. She removed her bra and her tits popped out. They were huge compared to mine, with very big, flat nipples. Then she looked down at me as she removed her panties.

I was mesmerized looking at her naked crotch. I had never seen a woman’s pussy so close before or one so hairy. She had a full, thick black bush with big puffy lips that were about a foot from my face. She sat down on the bed and I got close to her pussy and slowly pushed my nose into her pubic hair. She purred.

I kept my face in her bush and could see that her thick lips were lightly glistening with wetness. I could also smell her strong but sweet scent. But even after a minute with my face in her crotch, I still couldn’t bring myself to taste her. Catherine looked down at me and took my hand and pulled up me up. She said “Here, let me help you.”

She instructed me to lay back on the bed face up and she straddled my face. I heard her say, “It’s okay to taste it Amy,” as she pushed her lips down so that they were parted by my nose. I instinctively put my tongue out and touched her thick lips. It tasted very SWEET! “Good girl” I heard Catherine say.

Then I began to lick and as I did, I could her low moans. I quickly realized something: “This was much better than going down a guy, much more natural for me and I wasn’t choking like I did the few times I tried to give a man oral sex. There was also a wonderful feeling of her full, wiry, coarse hair on my face and her puffy lips covering my nose and mouth that turned me in the best possible way

Soon, this wonderful woman began to soak my face with her juices. I could hear her panting up a storm. My nostrils were filled with her strong scent, my mouth had a trickle of her nectar flowing into it and Catherine actually humped my face as she came, holding me steadily under her as she shook.

When it was over, she came down and kissed me and we made out for a while. Then I gathered my things and went home. My head was spinning for days. I’d just had the most passionate sexual experience of my life, with my mom’s best friend.

I could not stop thinking about that afternoon with Catherine and when I called her a few days later to thank her for the ride. She said : “Amy, you were really hungry the other day. Are you still hungry?”

I hesitated for a long time and eventually replied. “yes.” “Then why do you come over here right now?” she said.

I bee-lined across the few yards that separated us. Catherine and I repeated the experience of that first afternoon several times during the next few weeks. It was a new school course for me: Pussy Eating 101. We both ate a lot each time.

Things would get even more interesting. I was pretty sloppy one day about a month after our initial session and left an email Catherine sent me up on my PC. My mom saw it and hit the roof! She had two screaming phone calls to Catherine and she wouldn’t talk to me for days.

I stayed away from my new lover while things settled down. Then, a week afterward, my Mom gave me a ride and while she was driving, she told me that she was upset with Catherine for taking advantage of a young girl but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop us if we wanted to continue and she added that I was probably better off having sex with Catherine, who was a very good friend of hers, rather than some young college guy, who could also knock me up.

Then Mom said “I think you should be careful with Catherine though. I’ve heard she’s kind of kinky.”

That phrase danced in my mind as Mom changed the subject. I bounded over to Catherine’s house right afterward and we had a hell of a makeout session.

I asked her what my Mom meant about “Kinky” Catherine did her absolute best to sidestep it for five minutes. The she said: “Look, I haven’t tried any of that stuff with you because you’re so new to sex with a woman. I don’t want to scare you off. It involves real domination and more than just sitting on your face.”

I begged Catherine to be kinky with me and I would follow her into it. “Are you ready to be a total slut for me?” she asked. I eagerly nodded my head.

She told me to strip right away because she would let me have it all. Then she instructed me to lie back on the bed while she stripped naked.

Again, her big tits sprang out of her tight bra and she got up on the bed and faced me standing as she looked down and said, “Do you know why I keep a full bush Amy? When I was younger, all girls had a big bush. And my damn lips are so thick, I like to have lots of hair around them.”

Catherine continued talking as she pulled her panties off . In a flash, she was moving toward me and saying “and you seem to like my big pussy, don’t you?” Then, she was swinging a leg over my chest and pushing it into my face, with her strong thighs pushing my head back into the pillow.

It was clearly different than the other times I’d eaten her. Catherine was pushing down much more insistently, saying “Go ahead girl, eat my fucking CUNT.” And with that she sat down hard and mashed her lips against my mouth. I did my best to extend my tongue but there was no doubt she wanted to smother me somewhat. She was also noticeably wetter than any of our previous encounters and I figured her additional excitement must have something to do with her being more forceful. My face was soaking wet and I was receiving a steady stream of pussy juice in my mouth.

I heard her say, “Go on girl. Don’t just lick it. MAKE LOVE TO IT!” I did my best to lick and suck her better than I ever had. After about 10 minutes of serious licking, Catherine got off my face and turned around and straddled me facing the other way. She commanded “Put your hands on my ass.” I did so, landing my palms on her firm cheeks. “Now, spread them!” I parted her cheeks and watched her browneye gave a little wink at me as I did. Catherine said, “You made my cunt wet, now do the same to my asshole.” She slowly moved her ass backward until the cheeks covered my face and her asshole was sitting on my lips. I’d had my tongue near it many times when we had sex but never right on it. I realized this was part of my trip into my lover’s kinky realm and it was time to taste her back door.

I pushed my tongue out to flatly lick her hot anus. It tasted…interesting. I licked and licked it for a minute getting her but wetter and wetter as I did.

“That’s not bad,” Catherine purred. ” But you need to stick your tongue inside, do it now!” I pushed the tip of my tongue sharply into her ass and got a much more bitter taste.

“More!” Catherine barked. ‘Lick it like you licked my pussy.” I closed my eyes and began to eat her asshole with abandon. It had a powerful, pungent taste, much stronger than pussy. I got my tongue in almost all the way and delighted in how her sphincter grabbed my tongue. My lover was getting more into it as well and began to grind down on my tongue. She sighed “Yeah. Yeah, eat my shithole good. You ass licking slut.”

I have to say that the verbal humiliation felt really good to hear, considering I was doing something I’d never dreamed of before that day. It somehow seemed more intimate than eating her pussy I ate her ass for 15 minutes while the taste and smell filled my senses.

Catherine got off me and went to her dresser. She grabbed two big pillows and instructed me to get on them facing up. I did and she turned to face me. My jaw dropped as she was now sporting a very thick 8″ strap-on. She laughed at my expression. “Ever done a guy with one this big?” she asked.

I shook my head no. The few men I’d been with would be dwarfed by the fake cock sprouting from her leather harness.

Catherine said “Well then. I don’t know how this is going to be for you. But it’s going to be A LOT of fun for me.” She moved up to the bed and grabbed my ankles raising them high. Then, she positioned the big head to my pussy. I realized how wet I’d become. Catherine began to push inside and the dildo was slipping through me more easily than I’d thought. The girth was uncomfortable. It seemed to be stretching my pussy to the limit. After a minute, I felt the fake balls touch me and knew she’d impaled me completely.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Catherine asked. I could only whimper in response. She laughed and withdrew the strap on until just the head remained inside. Then she pushed in slowly all the way. She did this about 10 times and with each one, the cock went in easier.

She asked me how it felt. “Better,” I answered. Catherine said. “This is one of the ways that women fuck each other. I’ve got to tell you, it looks great to see your pussy taking this big dick. I’m going to fuck you now”

Then the pace picked up. Catherine put her hands on my thighs and pushed them back to my chest and started to thrust harder. It felt SO good. When she’d completely get the dildo in me each time, she’d say. “You fucking slut!” She yelled out a couple of times. “Whore!”

I LOVED hearing her say that as she gave me the first serious fucking I’d ever really had. I could begin to smell my pussy getting very hot and wet too. Next, Catherine withdrew the fake cock and told me to get on my knees with my ass in the air. I did so and felt her behind me, pushing it back inside me in one long stroke.

A few minutes later, I felt her applying cold lotion to my anus and pushing her finger inside it. “That feel good?” Catherine asked as she kept probing with her long middle finger and thrusting her hips with the dildo. I will admit the extra sensation of her finger in my butt felt good, just as it did when she licked me there. I leaned my head down against the bed and moaned.

Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear “just relax now.” She pulled the dildo from my pussy and placed the head at my asshole. I shivered in fear. I thought the dildo was much too big to go in my ass and gripped the bed sheets very hard. Catherine laughed, “Don’t’ worry Amy. I’ve fucked women in the ass before. You’ve been into my finger in your asshole. Just relax.”

Then the cockhead poked through my asshole. I did everything in my power not to scream and just groaned into the bed instead. Catherine had her hands firmly on my hips and was pulling me backward to slide my ass onto the big pole. It was incredibly uncomfortable. I felt as if I had to shit very badly and clutched the sheets with all my might.

Catherine pulled the dildo out of my ass for a second and covered it with lube. Then she continued to take my anal virginity the same way she’d fucked my cunt with slow strokes that gradually reduced the discomfort.

After 5 minutes of slow assfucking, she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. With her other hand, she slapped my ass hard and said, “Here it comes you fucking whore, your first ass fuck!!!” She started pumping my asshole with the dildo hard while keeping a firm grip on my hair. “Yeah, I can smell your asshole now,” Catherine continued.

I was completely under Catherine’s control and loving it. The discomfort in my ass was gone and I only felt pleasure from her reaming. She pumped my ass for another minute or so, then reached under me and started to rub my clit. A whopper of an orgasm was about to arrive and I held on for dear life. My cunt and ass spasmed and I literally screamed out because it was so intense. When I was done shaking, I came back to hear Catherine said another “Good girl.”

She pulled out and took my hand and led me to the bathroom. “Get in the tub,” she ordered, “I have one more thing for you.” I weakly stood up in her oversize tub asked Catherine if we were going to shower together.

She hesitated and said, “Yes, we’re going to shower but only one of us is going to get wet. Lie down now.”

I was freaked out. I instantly knew that she intended to pee on me and mumbled “Catherine…I don’t know.”

She grabbed my hair hard and yanked my head up so I was looking at her. “Listen you little bitch. You will do as I say.”

I lay back in the tub and closed my eyes. Catherine ordered me to open them and moved her soaking black bush near my chest. Her lips were incredibly swollen and as I looked at them, saw her peehole open and pee start to stream toward my chest.

It felt so warm as it hit my tits. But I was jolted back to reality as the stream started to move up my neck. The thought flashed into my mind “Oh my god, she wants to piss on my face.” My suspicions were confirmed as I heard her say, “Here it comes girl!” and she positioned her pussy right over my head and began spraying my face and hair with hot pee.

She grabbed my hair on both side of my head and yelled “Open up!!! Open your fucking mouth!” I was blown away, she wanted me to drink it. I couldn’t bring myself to open my lips. “If you’re my slut you’ll drink my piss, now do it!!!,” Catherine yelled, her voice bouncing off the tiles in the bathroom.

My jaw instinctively dropped. Her piss stream went over my tongue and into the back of my throat. It was so rank and salty and I’d never felt sluttier or dirtier. Catherine sighed “yeah…” and moved her still pissing pussy down so that her lips were just above my mouth and her coarse pubic hair scratched my soaking face. I drank what must have been a glassful of urine.

After she was done pissing, Catherine pushed her pussy down and exploded in orgasm on my face with her thighs clamping down hard on my head.

I felt exhausted. She allowed me to towel off her piss but not to wash. “I want the smell of my cunt, asshole and piss to be in your face when we go to sleep together tonight.” She said. It was the first night I stayed over at her house.

The next morning, Catherine decided that since I trimmed my pussy so closely, I should be shaved, while she would continue to keep her big bush. I’ve been shaved ever since. We would not always go into such domination during each sexual encounter but often I asked for just that.

I would continue to have a sexual relationship with Catherine for another couple of years, until I moved away. Whenever I visit my Mom, I stop by Catherine’s and we talk about ‘old times.’ After talking with her recently I decided to write about how I became a lesbian. Catherine reviewed this article and gives it an ‘A’ for accuracy.

Thanks Teacher!