Intimate Shaving

Tammy and I were having drinks at my apartment. She’s a very outspoken one. She asked if I had ever shaved my pussy. I’m an ex-beautician, and I told her that I shaved mine quite frequently. I had also shaved several customers while I was working.

“I tried it and wound up all prickly, and with a rash. I want to surprise my lover. She has never seen it bare.” Tammy said smiling wickedly at me. She had shocked me a little as I didn’t know she preferred women. My interest really peaked.

“Sure, I can shave you. When do you want me to do it?” She said that then would be a good a time as any. I have had several very sexy encounters while shaving women, and the thought of shaving Tammy make my clit tingle. We had another drink and then I got my shaving paraphernalia out. I asked her to strip. She turned her back and took off her clothes. I caught my breath as she turned around. She has a beautiful svelte body.

I put some soft towels on the kitchen table and Tammy hopped up on it , and lay back. I pulled up a chair and began the delightful task of denuding her lovely pussy. I trimmed her hair close with clippers, then spread her dainty outer lips exposing her bright pink core. Her vaginal folds were wet with her secretions. Her pussy was beautiful, deep pink and gleaming wet.

I wanted to lick her sweet pussy. I could smell the delightful aroma of a clean, aroused sex, and it made my mouth water. I held back and blotted the moisture. I applied the protective salve up and down her tender flesh. She moaned as my fingers coated her exposed flesh and slid up to “accidentally” flick her clit, just peeping out of the folds of it’s hood.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked innocently, looking up her shapely body. Her pert breasts had softened a little as she lay back.

“No, you rubbed my clit. It’s very sensitive. I’m sorry I’m so wet. Having a lovely woman, between my legs looking at my pussy so close, gets me hot.” She said looking down at me.

“Don’t worry, I’ve had some women almost drip while I was shaving them. One would actually climax every time I shaved her. ” I spread the depilatory cream carefully over her mound and down the outer skin of her pussy. I set the timer and we waited.

“Are you shaved now?” She asked. I nodded. “Could I see?” She asked softly.

I stood up and pulled my shorts down, then slid them and my sheer panties off. I moved around so she could see. I pride myself on having a pretty pussy. I keep it hairless most of the time. It has a rather deep cleft, and my inner pussy lips are smooth and don’t protrude at all.

“I use a depilatory on mine once a week. I like to keep it smooth and soft. Feel it.” I said as I moved close to her. She reached out and ran her fingers over my smooth flesh. It was my turn to moan. Her fingers lingered, stroking softly.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Have you ever made love to a woman? Your touch got me hot. That flick of my clit wasn’t accidental was it?” Her fingers stroked my outer mound.

“I enjoy shaving your pussy, and yes, I have made love with women. Several of the women I’d shave regularly, I made love to. That flick was on purpose.” I said pressing my mound against her hand. I gasped as her finger slid back and up, sliding effortlessly between my wet lips. She slid it up, and I moaned as it made contact with the underside of my swollen clit. I bent forward and kissed her lightly on her lips, flicking my tongue across her mouth. Her tongue danced with mine. I reached out and cupped her pert breasts.

“How long?” She asked pulling back slightly.

“Till what? ” I asked puzzled.

“Till you remove the cream from my pussy and I can eat you.” I looked at the clock. Not time yet. “Get up on the table and straddle my face.” She said her voice husky. “I want to eat your lovely pussy while we wait.” I was only to happy to oblige. I slipped off my top and bra and climbed up on the table and lowered my aching pussy to her upturned face.

Tammy delicately stroked my lips, then spread them. She gently blew on my exposed flesh. Goose bumps popped up on my body. Her tongue slid slowly up my slit on the outside of my inner lips then back on the other side. She avoided my clit. God, it felt good. It moved down, then she brought it up the center, and I cried out as it slid inside my body. I closed my eyes, then opened them and reached down and fondled her small pert breasts stroking the smooth warm flesh. I rolled her nipples till they became hard nubs. The clock ticked in the background as her tongue licked and probed. She would bring me almost to the verge of a climax then back off, till I was pressing my pussy down against her face seeking relief. She nipped my pussy lips with her teeth, then immediately began licking the slight, delicious hurt away.

“Not yet, Pet.” She whispered, her voice muffled by my flesh. The damn bell rang. Tammy gave my drenched pussy one last wonderful lick and I climbed down off the table.

As I wiped her pussy off, I asked if she had had many women as lovers. “Four. My room mate in college introduced me to the pleasures of Sappho. There were two others in college. My gym trainer is my current lover. She’s five years older then I, and very experienced. It was a mutual seduction. She has a body to die for.” Tammy said dreamily. I wiped her pussy off carefully, making sure I got off all the depilatory. Then I washed it thoroughly with soap and water, letting my fingers delve between the lips to wash off the protective salve. I lingered longer then necessary letting my fingers play over her wet deep pink flesh.

Rinsing her off, I showed her how to use witch hazel to avoid getting the hair follicles infected – the usual cause of a rash. I rubbed aloe vera lotion into her now smooth and bare skin, both of us enjoying the sensation. I handed her the mirror to she could see herself. She squealed with delight and kissed me. She stood up and went to a full length mirror to admire herself. I moved behind her to cup her breasts, rubbing my body against her smooth flesh.

“God, Della will love this. It’s so smooth and bare. I love it. I can hardly wait to have a tongue slide between those lips.” The turned and we embraced. Her hips pushed against mine, our pubic mounds pressing. “There’s some unfinished business. I teased you unmercifully. Now let me thank you, and pay you, for want you’ve done.” She said kissing me. We kissed and stroked for a while, then I pulled back and led her into the bedroom. She pushed me back on the bed and moved beside me. Slowly she kissed and caressed my body. She is a skilled lover and her touch was so soft and deft. She had my breasts swollen and aching from her kisses and caresses. She knew just how much to pull and roll my nipples to make my pussy melt. It was as if there was a direct link down to it from my nipples. She kissed her way down my belly, leaving a wet trail of kisses and tongue licks. I have had several lovers, but none as good as Tammy.

Her movements and caresses were slow and gentle, She seemed to know every sensitive spot on my body and how to arouse it. I spread my thighs giving her access to my pussy. She stopped a moment and put a pillow under my hips, raising it to allow her free access to my pussy. She kissed and tongued me slowly, building up my passion. Her tongue slid up and down, then into my center. Her lips sucked gently sipping my juices. My clit was hard and aching, and her lips moved up finally to suck it lightly, her tongue flicking it gently. Her touch , kisses and caresses would bring me trembling to the very edge of a climax then she would back off skillfully, and let me come down slightly.

I was squirming and sobbing with need when she finally concentrated on my clit, sucking, licking it, till I went over the edge. Her skillful fingers were buried deep inside me, probing and pressing in all the electric spots when I exploded. I have never had such an explosive climax such as that. I went into orbit and saw a thousand stars. I seemed to go from one peak to another, her skillful lips and tongue moved over my clit, her fingers magically moving inside me. Later she told me my pussy literally gushed juices over her probing hand. Her face stayed glued to my pussy as I bucked and thrust against her face. I finally came down, as she slowly slid her fingers out, and licked the closing vaginal opening. She moved up and held me as I lay gasping. Her hand lightly cupped my pubic mound softly stroking it. When I had calmed down, I told her it was my turn to repay her for the pleasure she’d given me. I slowly made love to her wonderful svelte body. Much later, I found out how sweet and fluid her smooth pussy was. It seemed and endless fountain, and I lapped up her delicious juices savoring the sweet womanly scent of her arousal.

She wailed when she came, her body bowing up, rigid with passion, her stomach muscles taut under her soft skin. I strummed her clit and sucked it, driving her from one climax to another. Finally she cried out for me to stop, and she pushed my head away. We pressed together and kissed and caressed. When I finally looked at the clock, I was amazed to see that three hours had gone by since we had come into the bedroom. The next day Tammy called me to let me know that her lover had been ecstatic with her new smooth pussy. She asked if I would keep it bare and smooth for her. I told her only if I could make love to her after every session. She said we didn’t have to wait that long. She wants me to shave her lover and we have set a date for that. She has taught me a lot about the joys of Sappho and I look forward to her lover coming so I can bare her. It could be an interesting experience.

We may wind up in a threesome. I’ll let you know what happens.