My First Massage

I sat in the chair waiting.

My husband had bought me a massage for my birthday, so here I was, but it had been almost half an hour and I was beginning to get irritated. I glanced in the mirror, checking my self out. I had been told the massager here was gorgeous, so I had played up my trim 23yr old body, wearing a fine lace bra and thong pantie set (another birthday present) and had my brown hair done up high. I wore a pair of tight dark grey jeans and a tank top. I may be married but that didn’t mean I couldn’t flirt occasionally

My musing was interrupted by the arrival of my massager. And gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe.. her! A woman, I was surprised. She was beautiful, a fiery red head with the tight blue uniform shirt and skirt. Her breast fairly burst out of her top and her green eyes lingered on me.

“Sorry about the delay uh?” she enquired as she sat down.

“Aurelia, Aurelia Watts” I said, I was unnerved the woman was no older then me, but she had the most penetrating gaze.

“Aurelia,” she said as if tasting every syllable “I am Samantha and we are very sorry and offer a full body massage as compensation. Would that be acceptable?”

I just nodded my head still shaken by her gaze.

“Very well let us begin, if you could please strip off everything except for your panties?” she asked in a completely straight forward tone.

I was a bit surprised by the request, but I began to strip off. But as I removed my top I saw her eyes on me again and immediately felt my nipples harden. I had never really considered another woman before, if anything it had seemed a bit gross but her I was stripping for another woman (If only for a massage and getting turned on). With a sly smile she instructed me lie stomach down on the massage table with my face looking through the small hole in the table.

Not knowing what to expect I almost jumped when she ran her hands over my left foot. With expert skill she began, first with my feet and then slowly moving her hands up my calf muscles. She was indescribable, her hands were like silk, moving and pressing their way up my leg. Her advance did not stop at my knees but carried on up my thighs, inside and out.

I suddenly found my self soaking wet this was unlike anything I had felt before, I was so turned on! I felt a soft hand brush my ass check for an instant. Before she stoped and made her way to my shoulders. I almost shuddered with pleasure as she began to stroke my shoulders. Then she bent down and whispered in my ear.

“You have the most amazing legs darling.” Her voice was deep and husky.

I clenched my teeth trying not to respond. This wasn’t right, I wasn’t a lesbian. Her hand slid down my back making circles before she came to my ass again.

“I’m just going to move this for a sec, okay darl?” she asked as her hands hooked under the lace thong, and began moving it with out waiting for a reply. I gave a kind of non committal grunt as I felt the thong pulled down to just below my ass checks.

I then felt the biggest shock of my life. I felt her run her tongue down my ass crack. This was the final straw; I pulled my self up and turned to face her, only to find her only a few inches from my face.

“Something wrong beautiful?” she asked in her sultry voice.

“I don’t wont to do this any more” I stammered.

“Really, your body says otherwise.”

With a gasp I realised I was completely revealing my incredibly turned on body, stiff nipples, shallow breathing and soaking cunt. I desperately tried to cover my self.

“I’m married I can’t do this.” I said quietly

But as I did she leaned in and kissed me, her tongue stabbing and probing into mine.

When she came back up for air she said “I won’t tell if you won’t?” and with a hungry smile she pushed me back down onto the table this time facing up. She moved my left hand and lowered her head down to my glistening sex organ. I began to stammer “No this is wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this, please stop, stop.” By my cries went unheard, as she began to run her tongue up and down my slit till she had my clit out in full view. She began to alternate between flicking it and burying it in her mouth and softly rubbing it in her teeth.

My cries, faltered as she carried on, driving me to climax.

“Stop, oh dear god please don’t stop” I cried, both my hands now stroking her beautiful red hair. Suddenly overcome by passion I began to remove her clothes. She stops for a few seconds to help, pulling her uniform off like a wild woman. Before she climbed up on the table, and lowered herself down on to my welcoming face. Suddenly I was confronted by another woman’s sex right in my mouth. She smelt divine but I had little idea what to do. Samantha solved this by beginning her assault on my pussy once more. Following her lead I devoured her cunt like it was the last thing I would ever do. But just as I was getting in to the swing of it Samantha moved her hands under my ass and lifted my backside up, thrusting her head deeper in between my thighs. Her questing tongue found its goal and she thrust it deep into my anus. I had never felt any thing like it before and immediately climaxed. I thumped and thrashed, moaning in pure ecstasy. Coming down off my high, I found her straddling my chest facing away from me, her ass checks firmly planted on my breasts. Looking back at me she smiled.

“You liked that?” she asked in a cheerful voice.

Just as I was about to respond Samantha desk phone chimed and the receptionists voice came through.

“Samantha, your eleven a’ clock is on his way up he will be there in a few secs.”

Samantha swore at the cherry voice, swing her leg up and over she got off me.

Looking at the clothes she began to pick up hers. Realising what was actually happening I jumped to my feet, looking for my panties, I realised they were now on Samantha. She smiled seductively, “you still owe me one darling, I keep these until you can pay me back.”

I nodded “well I’ll keep yours as insurance as well.” I said, Samantha smiled at that and I realised she had worn no lingerie.

Desperately we harried into our clothes, when we were done Samantha embraced me pulling me in close, and planted her mouth on mine, this time I returned the kiss, jousting with her tongue, I felt her hand slip up and begin to grope my breast. This made me horny all over again. We only stopped when the door opened, standing apart and straightened our hair. The poor man knew something had been going on but we weren’t going to tell. I left her room with the image of her smile firmly placed in my imagination. It was only when I got to the elevator that I felt something in between my breasts. Pulling it out it was a piece of paper. Written on it was a number, and the words call me. Placing the note back between my breasts, I smiled.