Proper Southern Belle

Being a rich Georgian socialite, I didn’t have the need to work like the common people of the world. I found myself spending most of my days attending various events like gallery openings and mid-afternoon tea parties, which made my life extremely dull.

One Saturday afternoon my bore of a husband suggested that I go to one of his new business partner’s house for a tea party so I could become acquainted with his wife.

I drove past the iron gates of her driveway to the beautiful plantation mansion with hundred year old willows that lined both sides of the drive. I thought to myself, ‘Another afternoon sipping tea and eating finger sandwiches.’ I wondered how I was going to fake interest in what this old hag had to say for the next three hours. When the door opened, I was truly surprised what I saw.

Alexis was about 24 years old, 10 years my junior, and was wearing a white linen robe. She had curly blond hair, flawless skin, perky breasts and a very petite body that made me a little envious.

I was no slouch myself. With my constant aerobic, 36C chest and the finest plastic surgeons that money could buy, I still had the body that could turn many young men’s heads. But she was all natural and it made me a little mad.

“Hello, you must be Martha?” Alexis asked.

“Yes my dear, I’m Martha. I seem to be a little over dressed for the occasion. Or am I early?” I asked. I was wearing a floral dress that went past my knees and was quite modest.

“No you are on time and, like, I must have totally spaced out telling Bob to have you bring a swimsuit. But no worries I have one that you can wear,” she replied nonchalantly.

Thinking that a proper southern lady doesn’t wear someone else’s clothes, let alone a swimsuit, I quickly changed the topic. “I can tell from your accent you aren’t from Georgia.”

“No, I’m from Cali but I met Bob when he was there for some conference thingy. I was working there as a waitress and when I touched his hand I just knew that our chi matched … so two weeks later here I am.” Alexis rambled on while we stood in the doorway.

At first I thought to myself that this young lady was a complete space cadet, but the more she talked the more I started to like her. She was wild, fun and totally different than all the boring ladies I had been around before.

“Oh, like wow, where are my manners? Would you like to come in?” she finally asked me.

“That would be lovely,” I replied.

Alexis led me through the house and straight to the backyard, forgoing the normally predictable house tour, and took me to a small table by the pool. Once we got there she untied her robe and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing a very small blue bikini that barely covered her well-toned tanned body.

“Isn’t this totally bitching?” Alexis asked me.

I blushed from her remarked and almost nude body, but enjoyed her openness and said, “Yes, it is very nice pool.”

“So what do you want to drink? I have rum, beer, Jack, Jim, I have pretty much a full bar,” she asked.

Again, I was taken aback by Alexis. Every tea party I had been to there had, well, there had been tea, but we had everything but tea.

“Do you have any wine?” I finally asked.

Alexis put her hand on her hips and opened her mouth in disbelief and said, “Wine? You really need to relax more girlfriend. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a killer drink I use to make in Cali, you’ll totally love it!”

Before I could protest, Alexis left the table and went to the pool bar to make the concoction. I sat there waiting both nervously and a little excited. This was the first time in a long time that I had felt this way.

Alexis returned to the table with two large glasses filled with a pink slushy liquid in them and placed one of them in front of me.

“Now be careful, the first sip will make your lips tingle, and then the second sip will make your clit stand at attention,” Alexis said laughing.

I was a little shocked at first by what Alexis said, but then I chuckled and said, “Well it has been a while since my little sailor has reported for duty, I’m afraid he is lost at sea.” Then I took a deep draw of the drink she gave me.

She laughed and said, “You southern people say the funniest things. I think it’s so cute!”

“Well my dear, we southern belles don’t discuss about such things in the open in such colorful terms so we come up with little euphemism,” I informed her.

Looking over her glass, Alexis looked confused.

“My dear, a euphemism is the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.” I said.

“Huh?” She said with a puzzled look.

Although she was very pretty, I was beginning to find out she wasn’t very bright but she was still far more entertaining than the spinsters I’d been spending time with.

“For example, you would say that Bob has a nice hickory stick instead of a big, as you might say, cock,” I said.

“Oh…now I get it!” she said exultantly. There was a twinkle in her eye. “And let me tell you, his ‘hickory stick’ is more like a hickory stump that gets buried deep in my field every night he’s home.”

I laughed and almost blew the cold drink out my nose when Alexis told me about Bob’s manhood.

“Yes dear, that is how we here in the south use euphemism.” I said as I used my napkin to clean my blouse off.

“Oh no, you got your drink all over yourself. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go up to my room and put on one of my bikinis and we can go for a swim? Then you can tell me all about these ‘euphemisms’,” Alexis said.

I reluctantly agreed and followed her to her bedroom. She gave me one of her red bikinis and left me alone so I could change into it.

It was a small number that had a T-back bottom and the top just covered my breast.

Looking into the full length mirror in the corner of the room I realized how good I looked in it.

The ladies of the social circle I normally associated with would never wear something like a bikini, not that half of them could fit their fat bodies into one anyway.

I went back to the pool where Alexis was, and she was waiting for me with another concoction in her hand.

“Wow, like you look so totally hot! I could so totally eat you!” Alexis said as she handed me the drink.

Blushing I thanked her and slid into the cool pool.

We spent most of the afternoon in and out of the pool, drinking way too much and talking about her life in California.

It was late in the afternoon and we were reclining on lounge chairs talking about how she was going to be a rock star and then an actress, but found out she couldn’t sing or play an instrument so she went off to be an actress.

She did a couple of commercials but never landed any roles on television. She did say, however, she done a couple of adult movies but she didn’t like having control of the creative aspect of the films so she quit.

“The sex was great but that’s all. It was, just sex you know? I wanted something more to the movie. I wanted my movies to be the next Hamlet, you know what I mean?” Alexis asked.

Not knowing for sure how a porno movie would be compared to the works of the great Bard, I simply nodded my head in an up and down motion.

“So, when was the last time you had sex?” Alexis asked out of the blue.

Maybe it was all the drinks I had or maybe some of her free-thinking had started to rub off of me but I said, “My dear, we don’t ask questions like that here in the civilized south. Instead we ask things like, when was the last time you saw Old man Johnson or gone sailing. Anyway, it has been about five months now.”

“You mean you haven’t had sex…I mean had a cruise in five months!? See I’m learning,” she said laughing.

“I see that, my dear,” I said in a reassuring toned. “Well the captain of the ship can’t seem to get the anchor up and he refuses to go into the dry dock to get it check out.”

Alexis looked down at her glass and took a sip. She thought for a long time. I knew her little brain was struggling to think of something to say. Then a big grin came over her face.

“Well why don’t you have the first mate take the ship out without the captain?” she asked while she wiggled her fingers at me.

I showed my fingers back at Alexis. “My first mate is a little too short to reach the bowels of the ship where all the important gearing is at,” I replied.

“Oh…” she said. But she quickly had a thought and said, “I think my Chief Engineer can handle that! Stay right there!”

She ran off towards the house. She came back almost as fast as she left with a small purple velvet bag in her hand. She plopped herself on the chair and retrieved two smooth plastic vibrators, one black and one red.

“Martha, I would like you to meet Chief Engineer Blackie and Chief Engineer Ready.” She said as she handed me the red vibrator.


Before I knew it, Alexis had already lain down on her lounge chair and removed her bikini bottom. Turning her head to face me, Alexis said, “Look if the captain won’t take you on a cruise there isn’t any reason you can’t enjoy the sea, right?”

I thought about how long it had been since my pussy had been touched and I couldn’t remembered the last time I had an orgasm.

I looked back at Alexis, “You know, you are absolutely right! I need to go sailing and I want to feel some choppy seas!” I said delightedly.

I removed my bottoms and turned on “Chief Engineer Ready”.

Spreading my legs slightly I lowered the vibrating toy between my legs and placed it against my clit.

The shock of the vibrations pulsating against my clit took my breath away and made my toes curl immediately.

“Oh my dear, I think I see a storm brewing on the horizon!” I said to Alexis.

“Yea, and like, we might get flooded from a tsunami if we’re not careful,” she said in shuddering words.

I rubbed Alexis’ toy up and down my pussy, allowing my pussy juices to cover it. My pussy was begging to be filled by the fake cock so I didn’t wait and plugged it deep inside myself.

I kept my eyes closed so I could concentrate on feeling every inch of the ‘engineer’ probing deep inside and I began to slip into my fantasy.

My mind wandered as I thought about what it would be like to have Tyron, my black pool man, have his thick cock inside of my pussy. I imagined him on top of me with my legs wrapped around his muscular body, watching my pussy being stretched by him.

Deeper in my mind I could see his black cock shinnying in the sun, covered in my pussy’s nectar, by our pool. As my limp dick husband sat off to the side and watched.

I would look to my husband as if to say, “This is how a real man fucks a woman, with a big long cock!”

As I fucked myself harder with Alexis’ toy, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time. My pussy began to leak and juices poured out of me and onto the lounge chair I was laying on.

My gooey pussy cream was hot and poured out of me like never before. It coated Alexis’ vibrator, the crack of my ass and the lounge chair.

“Oh my god, I think there is a hurricane a coming!” I yelled out.

“I’m so riding a gnarly wave myself!” Alexis cried back.

Not wanting to lose the moment I went back to Tyrone in my mind.

He had me on my hands and knees, facing my husband, and was fucking me from behind. His cock slammed hard inside of me making my ass slap against him and my breast sway back and forth hard.

“Watch Tyrone fuck this white bitch, you bastard! Watch his big cock split my pussy lips wide open!” I screamed at my useless husband in my mind.

I could almost feel his cock push against my cervix and his big balls brush my clit and it drove me wild with lust, something my small dick husband could never do.

Tyrone fucked me deep and hard and began to cum. His load was hot and thick, filling my pussy so completely that I couldn’t hold it all and it poured out of me.

While I fantasized of Tyrone’s cock filling me, I felt my clit tingle and my pussy quiver, I knew I was going to cum soon!

“Oh…dear…god…I think the ship is…going…down!” I screamed aloud.

My pussy convulsed uncontrollably and I shoved the vibrator as deep as I possibly could inside of myself. While I fucked myself a flood of my own juice squirted out of me, soaking my hand and chair.

“Oh… bummer, I just… wiped out!” I heard Alexis cried out as I saw her body shaking from her own orgasm.

I watched Alexis shake for a moment then I closed my eyes to bask in the wonderful moment I just had, when I heard Alexis lounge chair shift.

“You know, like, they say that the eye of the storm is the calm part and stuff. It’s the other half of the storm that does the most of the damage, you know?” She said.

For I moment I kind of felt like Alexis and said, “Huh?”

“I think that you need to batten the hatches, because I think the hurricane isn’t over yet,” she said.

I felt her fingers slide my bikini top to the side exposing my nipples to the warm Georgia summer air then was replaced by her wet hot mouth. I had left my sensibilities back in my fantasies with Tyrone and grabbed the back of her head, feeding her my erect nipple.

“I think your right. I feel the humidity rising south of the equator which is a sure sign of a violent storm coming,” I said.

Alexis sucked on my nipple causing it to grow harder than it was already. She teased it with her teeth and ran her hand slowly down my body until she reached my soaking pussy.

“By the barometric pressure gauge, I think it is going to be a strong storm to,” she said as she slipped her pussy coated fingers into my mouth.

I greedily licked her fingers clean, tasting my own pussy for the first time and I wanted more.

For the first time in my life I wasn’t a proper socialite and I wasn’t worried if I was using the right fork or if my lipstick was on just right so some stupid old hag could judge me base on my graces. I was becoming dirty and I loved it.

“Enough of this bullshit and eat my pussy!” I demanded.

She quickly moved from my side and positioned herself between my legs, spreading them so she could get at my swollen clit. I placed my legs up on the arm rests of the lounger and looked down my body. I could see Alexis’ pretty face between my legs and her tongue parted her red lips.

She lowered her head and I could feel her hot breath wash over my pussy. That feeling alone almost made me cum again, but when she split my pussy lips with her tongue and ran it up to my throbbing clit I almost passed out.

“Holy fuck!” I cried from Alexis’ talented tongue. Never in my life have I had anyone eat my pussy so good. Not my husband, not my boyfriends in college, not anyone and it was fantastic.

She used the tip of her tongue to trace around my clit at first and then she began to suck on it like it was a little cock. But what really drove me over the edge was when she used both her tongue and teeth and flicked at my clit without mercy.

My pussy oozed more and more fluid which leaked onto my virgin ass hole, which gave all the lube that Alexis need to place her slender finger inside of it.

“So much for being proper, huh bitch?” Alexis asked me.

“Fuck you, and fuck being proper!” I said as I began to rock my hips to fuck Alexis’ finger.

Alexis went back to devouring my pussy and was meeting each thrust of my hips with her hand, shoving her finger deep inside of my ass, fucking me hard. With her free hand Alexis had picked up the vibrator that I had used earlier and pushed it deep into my cock hungry pussy and was moving it in and out of me fast and hard.

“You like to be fucked, don’t you slut?” She asked me.

“God, yes I love being fucked!” I screamed.

“You want a big cock pounding your pussy, don’t you?” She asked again.

I screamed aloud that my husband had a small useless cock and I so badly wanted to be fucked and be treated like a whore.

Alexis went back to eating my pussy while she fucked me with her vibrator. I could feel my pussy become wetter and the same tingling sensation started to build in my clit again, I knew I was going to cum again.

“Oh…fuck I’m going to cum!” I yelled.

Breaking away from her pussy kiss, Alexis said, “That’s it slut, fucking cum for me! Let me taste you!” Then she went back to eating my pussy.

Her talented tongue flicked my clit and her toy drove deep into my pussy causing it to spurt a torrent of sticky cum. My finger tips dug deeply into the arm rests of the lounge chair and my legs wrapped tightly around the back of Alexis’ head, almost suffocating the poor girl to death. I released my grip on Alexis and lay there in the lounger shaking, alive for the first time in my life. Alexis kissed her way up my body and then softly on my lips.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I wrapped my arms around her smooth body and said, “I’m better than okay, I just survived a hurricane.”

Alexis smiled and said, “I’m no hurricane, I’m more of a tropical storm. Bob should be home in thirty minutes, and, like, then you will see a hurricane!”

Like I said earlier, Alexis isn’t very bright or well mannered, but she is far from a lair. When Bob came home we both met him at the door wearing matching purple corsets and black seam stockings.

Let’s just say that “Hurricane Bob” was a powerful storm that tore up the shore line, caused major power outages, and left both Alexis and I high and dry.

Since “Hurricane Bob,” I left my husband and I go sailing with Alexis and Bob almost every day. You know how much I love stormy seas.