Rack Em Up

The bar was smoke filled and crowded for a Tuesday night. I walked up to the bar and ordered my regular, a scotch on the rocks. I winked at the bartender and laid my money down. “Hard day?” she asked. I nodded and sipped my drink. This place was my away, my out. When I was this tense and frustrated, I always stopped by to drown my worries. I quickly drank my scotch and tapped the bar to motion that I was ready for the next one.

The sound of pool clacked in the back room. I swirled around to look and saw that only two tables were being used. Maybe later, after a few more drinks, I’d step up to shoot a game myself. As I turned back to the bar, she caught my attention. She was leaning against the jukebox, pumping quarters in. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back and barely touched the top of her Levi’s. I’d never seen her here before, or maybe I’d just never noticed, I wasn’t sure. Come to my window cranked out of the jukebox as she returned to the back of the bar at a table in the corner.

I continued to watch her as I rolled my scotch around in the glass, enjoying the clinking of the ice cubes. My day had been torture and I vowed to forget all about it tonight with a few drinks and perhaps a game of pool. The bartender noticed that my drink was low and walked over to place another one in front of me. She touched my shoulder lightly and cleared her throat. I turned around and found the drink placed there on the dark mahogany bar. I finished the one I was drinking and grabbed the new one. “Hey babe,” I said to the bartender, “The blonde, in the back….she new here?”

“Oh, she’s been here a few times, but isn’t very regular.” she answered. I spun around again to find the blonde. She was still sitting in the corner, singing with the jukebox, slightly swaying with the rhythm. I noticed that she was drinking whisky and was soon to be finished. What the hell, I thought to myself. You’ve had a bad day, maybe she has, too. I ordered two drinks….a scotch and a whisky before I hopped down from my stool to venture into the back of the bar. I sauntered over to her table, when she looked up at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I saw that you needed another drink.” I said softly as I extended it towards her. She just smiled brightly at me and shoved the empty chair towards me with her foot. I sat down and offered my glass to toast her. Our glasses clinked and we each took a sip before she spoke. “I was hoping you’d come over…..I’d love to shoot a game of pool and had nobody to play with.” I smiled, finished my drink, and stood up. “Well honey, I’m here now, let’s play!” She blushed and stood, too.

I felt a surge of joy shoot through me and welcomed it after the day I’d had. I grabbed our sticks and she deposited the coins that released the balls. We both looked at each other as neither one of us knew who was going to rack. I opened my mouth as she grinned at me with that sexy mouth and told me, “rack ’em up, baby!” I did as I was instructed and felt a warmth take over my body. Not sure if it was the many scotches or her, I decided to just go with it and play along.

Crack! The balls went everywhere, sending them in every direction. A solid dropped into the side pocket and the game was on. I walked to her side where she stood holding her stick tightly while rubbing the blue chalk over the tip. I eyed the table, decided on my shot and bent to take it. My stick slowly slid back and forth between my thumb and finger. I licked my bottom lip as this made me think of playing with her nipples the way I played with the stick. I took my shot and missed.

She giggled and walked to the corner at the other end of the table. She bent over the table, taking a shot that seemed impossible to make. She stretched over the corner, her breasts almost touching the felt. I lost myself in her….looking down her open top at her creamy breasts. Her white bra barely containing them, they seemed to spill out. I imagined touching them, kissing them, sucking her soft pink nipples until they hardened in my mouth. I bit my lip and gasped at the thought. She made her shot and moved to my side of the table. As she passed me, between the table and myself, I caught her scent. She smelled like night blooming jasmine. She was intoxicating.

As she scooted by me, her breasts touched mine. She reached out to touch my arm and apologize. Immediately, my skin felt on fire. She had so unknowingly melted me, while setting me ablaze. “Not a problem.” I offered. She grinned that same deliciously wicked grin at me, giggled, and turned to make her shot. She took longer this time, knowing that I was enjoying the view from behind. Her ass was so smooth and round in her tight jeans. I wondered if she wore any panties tonight and sighed when the image popped into my head. She wiggled her rear as she took her arm back in a long, slow stroke. Damn! She is driving me crazy! She missed the shot, but seemed to be happy with her performance.

I took the blue chalk and rubbed it vigorously around the tip of my stick while contemplating my next shot. She walked over to me and stood very close. “There’s a good shot.” she pointed. I looked and saw nothing. Seeing the confused look on my face, she said, “right here……look,” as she pulled me down towards the table. She was so close to me, taking my arm and stretching it out pointing it towards the shot she wanted me to take. I leaned closer to the felt, rubbing my breasts on the table, making my nipples harden. She leaned in close to me and ran her hand along the top of my arm until it lay perfectly over top of my own. She whispered in my ear, “right here, sweetie…see?” I turned my face towards hers and whispered back, “All I see is the door to the back room.” Her wink and sly smile told me that I had discovered the shot she wanted me to take.

She pushed the heavy door open to expose a dark, small room that contained only a couch. A few posters adorned the paint chipped walls that showed the live music that had played here on Saturday night’s past. The muffled sounds of the jukebox pumped into the small room, surrounding us with a soundtrack of tonight’s backroom business. She twirled around to look at me, dancing for my pleasure. The way she moved made my insides flutter with desire. I fought the urge to rush to her and take her right now. She sensed this and played with my feeble attempt to be a stronger woman. She seemed to glide over to me, and walked around and stood behind me. My breath quickened as she traced my bra line through my shirt with her nimble fingers.

She ran her hands down my back, and slid them under my shirt. She lifted my shirt as she explored my back until she reached my bra again. My nipples hardened with anticipation as she proceeded to unhook my bra, freeing my breasts. She reached around to take them in her warm hands as a soft moan escaped my mouth. I raised my own hands to mimic hers, pressing hers onto my breasts. “Oh God, honey, I want you right now.” she whispered in my ear. Hearing her soft voice made me want to oblige her every desire. I turned towards her, placed my hands lightly on the sides of her face and kissed her gently on her full lips. I tasted whiskey on her lips and wanted more. Our kiss grew deeper, tongues exploring, tasting each other for the first time.

I reached around to garb her ass and pull her closer to me. She felt so soft, deliciously warm next to my body. She bent to nibble my earlobe and kiss my neck, sending me into a rage of passion. My hands played in her blonde hair, keeping her there on my neck. She reached up and took my hand and guided it down to her full breasts. I cupped it in my hands, enjoying the softness. I found her nipple erect under my palm and proceeded to rub it with the heel of my hand. Her mouth ventured down to my collar bone where she planted soft kisses.

She unbuttoned my top slowly, exposing my breasts. Her devilish grin informed me that she happy with what she saw. My dark pink nipples were proudly erect, calling to her, wanting her to lavish them the way she had my ear, neck and collar bone. She must’ve read my mind, as she bent to lick my nipples, gently biting them. Her own nipples were growing under my palm as I slid my hand down her white tank top and bra. She breathed hard on my breasts as a moan escaped her mouth. I manipulated her nipple between my thumb and finger making them more erect than I thought possible. I reached around with my other hand and pulled her tank top up and over her head, making her release my now swollen nipples. Her breasts fell as I unhooked her bra, bouncing playfully there before me.

She cupped both my breasts and placed a kiss on each nipple before taking my hand and led me to the couch. Besides my heart thumping in my chest, I felt the music pumping through my aching body. I pushed her back, both of us falling on the couch. My mouth found hers in a passionate lip lock. We kissed hard and seemingly unending. She pulled me onto her, grinding her hips into mine. The friction between us made my cunt twitch. My arms went around her as I kissed her mouth, her chin, the tender spot on her neck, before diving down to her breasts. I devoured them, licking and sucking, until she whimpered in delight. Her hands played in my hair as she writhed under me on the couch.

We clawed at each other, not getting enough to satisfy our hunger. Her hand found its way into my jeans, her fingers playing my clit like a fine instrument. I paused long enough to slide my jeans and panties down towards the floor, allowing her complete access. She wiggled out of her jeans as well, as I leaned in to kiss her soft, slightly rounded belly. I placed tender kisses under her breasts and farther down to her belly button. I looked up at her as I dipped my tongue there, swirling it around, driving her insane with pleasure. Her fingers resumed their position on my now engorged clit, causing me to gasp. Goosebumps now covered my exposed skin from our heat, as it radiated through the entire room.

I allowed my tongue to travel down her belly, in that luscious space between her belly button and her pubic bone. My hands grabbed her sides, squeezing and tantalizing. I slipped them under her ass and raised her to me. I placed a single kiss on the inside of each of her milky thighs before burying my face in her pussy. She smelled delicious and tasted even better. My tongue lapped at her lips, slow and steady, before lightly flicking her clit. She arched her back, moaning louder now, as she grabbed my head steadying it there. I licked her with the flat of my tongue while slipping two fingers into her now sopping cunt. I fucked her that way, while lapping at her juices, until she let loose with an orgasm that seemed to shake the entire room.

My fingers still inside her, slowly pumping, she reached up to kiss me sharing her juices with me. She pulled me to her, rubbing our cunts against each other in a mad frenzy. I brought my fingers to her mouth and she suckled them like a baby would a mother’s breast. I held her tight as she continued to grind into me, her cunt rubbing my clit. Her mouth found my breast and squeezed it as she pinched my nipple. I let out a loud moan as rubbed my cunt harder and continued to play my nipple with her hand. My breathe quickened as my release was so close. She sucked my nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it as my body rocked with desire. We stayed like that for awhile, kissing softly and whispering into each others ears.

As I sat on the couch, dressing myself, I knew that I would probably never see her again. I wasn’t sure what to say and chose to say nothing at all. I glanced over at her, pulling her tank top back on, admiring her beauty. I let out a quiet laugh, realizing that this was just what I needed to end a bad day. I stood to leave and she reached out to take my hand. “Remember, if you ever have a bad day again, I’m always here on Tuesday’s.” she uttered softly with that sly grin. I smiled as I bent down to brush her hair from her forehead before placing a kiss there. My hand trailed down her jaw line to her chin, lifting it and looked into her brilliant blue eyes. “I can only hope Tuesday’s are always this bad!” I said with the sly grin she had perfected so well.