Still Best Friends

My morning had been crazy, four new cases and I was the only one available to take them. I was beginning to think that the day was never going to end. I listened to an endless amount of griping and bickering, and that was from my colleagues. Some how I thought pro bono work would be more gratifying. I love my work on most levels, but the people I have to deal with, namely the other lawyers, are enough to make you reconsider your career path. I guess the reason why that morning felt like it was dragging was because I had scheduled my afternoon off. My best friend from high school was going to be in town and we were going to get together for lunch. She and I had talked on the phone for the past six years, but never actually got to see each other since graduation. We were both afraid we wouldn’t click like back in the day.

She and I were inseparable back then. Our other friends would pick on us; Siamese twins or lesbians take your pick. We didn’t really mind, as long as we were together. We sit up late at night talking about what it would be like to make out with each other, but neither of us had the balls to actually do it. That thought made me laugh and brought me back to the boring meeting I was in just in time to see everyone looking at me. I had to get out of there! I sank down into my chair and waited for them to carry on. The meeting, which of course was just an excuse to get everyone away from his or her offices to chitchat had lasted a small eternity. Nothing was said of any importance, just a way to waste time.

I got back to my office to find a note on my desk, “Meet Jessica at the Blue Moon Café.” My heart jumped. I knew we were going to get together, but now it was for real, it was on paper!

I got to the café early and got a table facing the door. I wanted to make sure I saw her when she walked in. I didn’t have to wait long. It might have been six years, but she still looked the same, tall, long legged and blonde. She spotted me immediately and walked over. We hugged tightly as we giggled and laughed. It was a bit weird seeing her. We quickly feel into our old routine and gossiped about everything in our lives, leaving no detail out. After we’d both eaten I asked her where she wanted to go for the afternoon. “I wanna see where you work Tracey.” As much as I didn’t want to go back there, I nodded and smiled. “Sure thing hon.”

I walked in and asked Monica, the firm’s secretary, to act as if I’m still out. She smiled and answered yet another phone call. I opened the door to my small office and let Jessica in. “Whoa hon, you’ve moved up in the world haven’t you?” She had to be joking. My office was large enough to fit my desk, 2 chairs opposite the desk, three five drawer filing cabinets and a dark brown couch, which was only in my office because there was nowhere else to put it.

I closed and locked the door behind me as Jessica walked around. I didn’t want anyone coming to my office thinking I was there, even if she and I were only going to stay a few minutes. As I turned back around Jessica was standing right in front of me. Much to my surprise, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me firmly. She’d found the ‘balls to do it’. She let her hands roam my body as I kissed her back, our tongues meeting for the first time. Her fingers quickly undid the buttons on the front of my suit. She had me out of my coat and blouse before I knew it.

She wrapped her arms around me and with a simple flick of her wrist my strapless bra fell to the floor. Her hands immediately moved down my back to the zipper of my skirt. I felt the fabric slide down my thighs and to the floor in a heap. “Oh you naughty girl, you still don’t wear panties.” She said a bit pleased. She moved me to the couch and laid me down her hands pawing my body.

She reached into her large purse and took out a slim felt covered box. “Jessica,” I said obviously concerned, “What is in that box?” She smiled at me and giggled. “Trust me, you’ll like it now lay back and hush.” With that said I lay back, trusting her. She ran her hands up my legs, the feeling of skin against nylon made me shiver. As she reached the top of my thigh high stockings she stopped and I felt a cold object touch my naked pussy. I jerked slightly. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but I didn’t have to wait long. She pressed it harder against my lips and it slipped between them. The long slender object was a dildo. She was going to fuck me with a dildo! My heart leaped out of my chest and I my blood rushed.

“Mmmm you like this don’t you?” All I could manage was “Uhhh huh!” She slid the dildo further into my pussy, letting the shaft travel the length of my clit. She stopped just short of letting the dildo penetrate my hole. I wanted it so bad by then, my hips arched up and forced the head into my pussy. My moan filled my office as my walls squeezed around the fake cock. I slid my hand under the thin fabric of her dress and up her thigh. She spread her legs as my fingers pulled aside the crotch of her panties giving me better access. My fingers easily slipped in between her soaked lips and I began to stroke her clit lightly. She pressed the dildo deeper into my hole, my muscles contracting against it.

She began to pump the cock in and out of my wetness faster and deeper. I let my nimble fingers dance faster around her clit. Our moans mingled in the small office as we fondled each other and grew steadily grew louder. The scent of pussy was in the air, and filled my nose. I still couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I felt my orgasm begin to build as she carried on fucking my pussy. I worked my fingers against her clit faster as my climax grew in intensity. I felt a surge of pleasure consume my body and I quivered from head to toe as my pussy spasmed against the ramming cock. Her body shuddered and pressed against my dancing fingers as she peaked. Both of us brought the other past our climaxes. We both slumped down onto the couch as we fought to regain our breath, her body draped across mine. “And we thought we might not click as well as we used to.” I said softly. We spent the rest of the day holed up in my office getting to know each other again.