Substitute Seduction

From the moment Gina strutted into the classroom, I knew she would be trouble. I also knew I had to have her.

As it happened, the day I met Gina was my very first day as a substitute teacher. I was to be teaching at St. Vincent’s, which was an all-girls Catholic school. I had been warned that the girls there were famous for being incorrigible teases, who made it their job to create as much sexual tension as possible for any male substitute who was unfortunate enough to be assigned to them. The school had made an effort to correct the situation by hiring only female substitute teachers, but what they didn’t know was that I was bisexual. Not only that, but I have a serious schoolgirl fetish; I love the way they manage to exude such raw sexuality through supposedly demure and proper outfits.

I believe that whoever designed the look of their uniforms was most certainly male. I love the way their crisp, white blouses cling to the curves of their young, perky breasts, and how the bolder temptresses constantly hike up their skirts to reveal more and more of their sexy, smooth legs. And those thigh-highs! I love the contrast between the top of the stocking and the emerging thigh, which provides an enticing clue to what lies just above.

On this particular day, I was dressed in my most “no nonsense” uniform- a perfectly pressed white blouse, black pencil skirt which ended just above my knees, and a pair of low-heeled shoes. My long, wavy brown hair was pulled back into a polished updo, and I wore only the slightest bit of makeup; jet-black eyeliner to make my gray eyes stand out, a touch of blush to give my cheeks slight colour, and pale pink lipstick. I decided against wearing any perfume, and had instead rubbed a feminine rose-scented lotion into my skin after my shower that morning.

As I breezed into the classroom with my black briefcase tucked under my arm, I thought I was ready for anything. I was determined to be entirely professional, as I didn’t want to risk losing my newly-acquired job, especially on my very first day! I knew this would take a great deal of self control, however, because I was assigned to a classroom of girls who were in their last year, i.e. 18 and completely legal. I had to resist temptation.

“Good morning girls, my name is Miss Kay,” I announced, surveying the classroom. I immediately noticed that there was an empty seat. Just as I was about to ask who was missing, an attractive young girl flounced into the room, sat down heavily in her seat, and gave me in haughty look, arms folded across her chest, as if daring me to reprimand her. I rose to the challenge.

“And your name is…?” I asked.


“Gina, please go to the office and get a late slip.”

“But I’m not late!” she protested, rising from her desk and placing her hands firmly on her hips. There were muffled whispers around the room as the rest of the girls undoubtedly wondered how I was going to handle the unruly student.

“All right then” I countered, “Instead of going to the office and getting a late slip, you can stay for detention with me after school for being late AND giving me attitude.”

The room was silent as the girls eagerly waited for a response. I had put on a fearless face, but I was quaking inside. Not only was this girl unwavering in her effort to challenge my authority, she was absolutely stunning.

Gina had straight, shiny black hair which hung slightly below her shoulders. Her dark hair was a sharp contrast to her pale skin and light green eyes, which flickered at me with venom. Even though I was furious at her, for an instant I longed to kiss her pouty lips, which were shiny from the red lip gloss she wore. She was wearing the standard St. Vincent uniform; a cute little plaid kilt with white thigh-highs, black shoes and a white blouse. I noticed that the top two buttons of her blouse were undone (strictly against the rules!) to teasingly reveal ample cleavage.

I half expected her to storm out of the room after my last comment, but instead she sat back down in her chair in a huff, staring fixedly down into her lap, where her hands were now loosely clasped. The argument was over, and I was clearly the victor.

The rest of the day went smoothly; none of the other girls dared to cause any trouble and risk losing any of their precious social time. From time to time I would catch Gina glaring at me out of the corner of my eye, but whenever my eyes met hers, she immediately turned them away. By the time last period rolled around, I was wondering exactly what I would do with this gorgeous creature, since she would be at my mercy for as long as I chose. I knew that all the students and teachers would be rushing to get home, since it was a Friday. Even the janitors got off work early on Fridays, which meant that we would be the only ones in the school….

My thoughts were interrupted by the piercing ring of the dismissal bell; the girls gathered their belongings at lightening speed and rushed out the door, without so much as a backward look. Gina remained in her seat, although it seemed as though she had lost most of her earlier furor; she sat silently in her seat, eyes cast downwards, obediently awaiting her fate. I walked over and closed the door. I still had no idea what to do with her, but I did know that I wanted to see this sexy girl up close. I walked up to the front of the room and stood in front of the blackboard.

“Come here” I commanded. Eyes glued to the floor, she rose from her seat and came to stand in front of me. My God, she was gorgeous! Now that she was up close, I could see the tiny diamond studs in her ears and smell her vanilla perfume. For some reason, in that moment, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let my instincts guide me.

Impulsively, I reached out and tilted her chin upwards, so that she was forced to raise her eyes to stare into mine. I noticed that her chest was flushed, and her breathing suddenly heavier. Could it be that she felt the same desire as I did? As I stepped closer so that my body was within inches of hers, and the air between us hung heavily with sexual tension, I realized that she wanted me just as badly as I wanted her.

I closed the gap between us by swiftly bringing my lips to hers. I was met with a second of resistance before her lips parted and allowed my tongue to delve into her mouth. She sighed quietly as I ran my tongue over her lower lip before gently taking it between my teeth. Unexpectedly, I drew back slightly, teasing her, coaxing her into becoming slightly more aggressive. I was slightly surprised and incredibly turned on when she insistently pressed her lips to mine-hard.

Suddenly, she was the aggressor, forcefully parting my lips with her tongue to explore the inside of my mouth. Her lips left mine to trace wet kisses across my collarbone, then up my neck to again meet my lips in a passionate kiss. We kissed deeply for another few moments as I rested my hands against the small of her back. Conversely, she boldly ran her hands up and down my back and hips. But as I raised my hands to undo the top button of her blouse, she hesitated.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this…” I cut her off by placing my finger on her lips and leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Do you really want me to stop?” I asked, sliding the fingers of my left hand down to her breast and teasing her nipple through the thin material of her blouse. She moaned. “I’ll stop if you want, just say the word,” I continued, moving my hand from her breast in order to caress her taut stomach. My hand continued its descent, slipping under her kilt to run my fingers ever so softly over the material of her cotton panties, exploring the area between her legs. Her panties were soaking wet.

“No” she panted, “don’t stop. Please.” She started grinding her hips against my hand.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked. “No,” she replied coyly. I gave her a sly grin. “You’ll enjoy this, I promise. Now, take off your panties.” She did as I instructed, slipping her white cotton panties down to her ankles and gingerly stepping out of them. Not knowing what to do next, she stood awkwardly before me, hands clutching the sides of her kilt.

Slowly, I once again began unbuttoning her blouse; this time with no resistance. As each button fell open, it revealed more of her smooth, pale, flawless skin. After slowly working my way down to the last button, I pushed the blouse off of her shoulders, onto the floor, and stepped back for a moment to admire her semi-clad form. She was so damned cute in her little kilt, stockings and black shoes. From the waist up, she was clad in only a plain, cotton white bra, her nipples erect under the flimsy material.

Stepping closer to her again, I ran my tongue up from the base of her neck to her ear, where I paused to take her sensitive earlobe into my mouth. I heard her sharp intake of breath as I began to nibble on the tender earlobe. Then I began traveling down her neck, interspersing kisses with playful little bites. Before she had time to protest, I slipped my hands behind her back and quickly undid her bra. She looked slightly surprised, but slipped the bra off her body and closed her eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” I exclaimed, drinking her in. The rosy pink of her nipples was the same shade of pink as her soft little mouth, now that all her gloss had been kissed away. Her slender form was soft and inviting, with flawless, perky breasts and softly rounded hips. I tentatively reached out to cup her right breast, which seemed to fit perfectly in my hand, ever so gently running my thumb across her nipple to gauge her reaction. She gasped with pleasure. I lightly pinched her nipple, and she gasped louder. When I leaned over and flicked at her nipple with my tongue, she groaned, prompting me to take the entire nipple into my warm mouth as she shuddered with pleasure. I gently suckled at her breast, running my tongue back and forth across her erect nipple. I was so wet by this point, I could hardly stand it. I walked over to the large, mahogany teacher’s desk, and with one finger beckoned for her to follow. She stood facing me, with her back to the desk.

“Sit on the desk” I told her. She paused, looking over her shoulder at the desk littered with papers. I gave her a shove, hard enough to catch her off guard and send her tumbling backwards onto the desk. In a flash, I was on top of her, kissing her in an impassioned frenzy. Her hands went to my ass to squeeze it hard before undoing the zipper on my skirt. As soon as my skirt was off, she was fumbling with the buttons of my blouse, fingers trembling. I smiled as she struggled to undo each tiny button. By the time she got to the last two, she was so frustrated that she yanked my blouse apart, sending buttons flying.

“You are such a naughty girl!” I purred, taken aback by her boldness, but immensely turned on. I removed the remnants of my blouse, giving her a full view of my pink satin panties and bra When Gina went to remove her kilt, I stopped her- I wanted her kilt, stockings and shoes to stay on. Gently, I pushed her back down so that she lay across the desk, and leaned over to place a soft kiss on her lips. I then worked my way down her neck, across one breast, then the other, and down her belly.

I hiked up her kilt to admire the sweet young pussy that lay underneath, wet from desire. I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs, purposefully not going where she wanted me to go; I wanted to tease her a little, make her plead for what she so badly wanted.

“Miss Kay…please..!” she finally begged, spreading her legs wider. The sight of her so hot and wet for me was all the incentive I needed. I dragged the length of my tongue over her wetness again and again, lapping at her pussy with long, languid strokes. Gina began panting heavily and making small whimpers. When my tongue touched her clit, she let out a load moan. I took her clit into my mouth, sucking it while running my tongue around it in tight little circles. Gina went crazy, tossing her head from side to side and grasping my hair tightly in her fists. Seconds later her body tensed, then exploded as she cried out in the wake of a powerful orgasm. She trembled violently as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Exhausted, her body relaxed and her breathing slowly returned to normal.

I lay beside her and brushed damp tendrils from her face. She opened her eyes and beamed at me.

“My turn…” I told her, smiling.