The Gift

We met at an office Christmas party. One of those deals in a hotel bar where the employees are busy schmoozing and the spouses are left not knowing what to say to one another. We ended up sitting next to each other at the bar and introduced ourselves. We had a few drinks as we watched others awkwardly figuring out what to do with themselves. We started talking and laughing and having a few more drinks. The bar was getting more crowded and we moved closer together so that our thighs touched and our arms brushed every once in a while. We started talking about things we had never done, like body shots, and she put her hand on my knee. I looked over and said, “I’ve never done that before either.”

We left the bar with our drinks and headed upstairs to my hotel room. We kicked our shoes off and sat down facing each other on the couch and talked some more. After what seemed like an eternity I began to rub my fingers down her arm and she leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and supple as they parted ever so slightly and we tentatively touched tongues, wrapping them around each other. She sucked on my lower lip and I showered her lips with soft nipping kisses. She moved her hands from my shoulders down to surround my tits with her fingers. I could feel her rubbing my nipples, her palms sliding over the silk of my blouse. She leaned down and began to suck my nipples through my shirt. I could feel the dampness of the fabric moving against my skin as I put me hand on the back of her head and held it trying to get her to take more of my nipple into her sweetly sucking lips. I reached down and grabbed her hand and we stood and moved over to the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed as I moved back and began to unbutton my shirt letting it fall off my shoulders and drift to the floor. I unhooked my bra and peeled it off slowly letting her eyes feast on my full lush tits. Locking eyes with her, I licked my index finger with the very tip of my tongue and touched my nipples bringing them to hard peaks. I bent down and unzipped my skirt leaving the pink silk panties. I ran my wet fingers down my stomach and between my legs keeping my eyes on her the whole time.

I lay down next to her on the bed and we began to kiss again. This time her hands were running over my skin from my shoulders down over my hips and thighs. She ran her fingertips along the edge of my panties, gently teasing her way underneath the silk. She pushed my back onto the bed and moved between my legs. Sitting back on her heels she leaned down and put her open mouth on the triangle of silk between my thighs. Breathing out a few times, she lapped at the silk and I felt my panties getting wet from her saliva and the juices flowing from my pussy. She hooked her fingers around the elastic of my panties and pulled them off of me. “My turn,” she whispered and I scooted down and began to unbutton her shirt following my fingers with soft butterfly kisses starting in the hollow of her throat and moving downwards over her soft flat stomach to her navel. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra pulling it over her arms to let her breasts fall free. I stopped and gently ran my fingertips across her nipples, cupping her breasts lightly in the palms of my hands and then squeezing just a little. I reached down and unzipped her skirt pushing it and her panties off over her hips and down her legs.

When we were both naked we pressed our bodies together and kissed some more our tongues thrusting fervently in and out of each others mouths. She rolled me onto my back so that she was on top off me and began kissing down my neck and over the swell of my breasts. Her tongue found my nipple and began to gently flick it back and forth then circled it, teasing until I thought I couldn’t take it. Finally she put her hot wet mouth around my nipple and began to suck it with her delicate pink lips as she squeezed my tits with her fingers. Her hands began to roam down my sides and over my thighs as she licked down my body stopping to nibble my flesh here and there. She looked at me and then ran a finger along my inner thigh and up the pulsing slit between my legs. Finding the peak of my clit she began to trace over it gently with her fingertip. She moved my thighs farther apart and leaned down and delicately kissed the tip of my clit. She placed little kisses all over the inside of my thighs and the outer lips of my pussy while my clit grew harder. She started to lick my slit up one side and then the other barely brushing my clit with her tongue each time, teasing my slit open with her hot tongue. She stopped to lick my juices from her lips and licked her middle finger, circling her tongue around it and showing me her long painted fingernail. Tossing her long dark hair over her shoulder she smiled at me and plunged her finger into my pussy. With the other hand she held my lips apart as she clamped her mouth onto my clit. She curved her finger inside of me and began to move it in and out while she moved over my clit with her tongue. She circled it with her tongue, and then started licking it up and down very slowly. Then she started in with small, short licks, beginning slowly, then building up speed, then slowing back down again. She clamped down on it with her lips and began to suck desperately. I was trembling and moaning and begging her not to stop until finally my orgasm exploded and I was left trembling.

I reached down and brought her head up to mine running my tongue over her lips tasting my own pleasure as I caressed her mouth with my tongue. This time I rolled on top of her and as I pressed my breasts into hers I positioned my leg between hers so that it was pressing on her slit and I could feel her wetness on my thigh. I moved my leg insistently up and down as I moved down to suck on one nipple while fondling and pinching the other with my fingers. I ran my hand down her back and squeezed her ass cheek with my fingers. Finally, moving down her body and between her legs I began to lick and suck my way up her inner thigh. Pressing my tongue into her slit I lapped up her juices moving from the bottom of her pussy to the tip of her clit. Over and over again I ran my tongue up the length of her slit. Eventually focusing on the hard bud of her clit I darted my tongue rhythmically back and forth. I stopped and inserted my index finger between my wet lips sucking on it as I looked into her eyes. I returned the pressure of my tongue to her clit as I ran my wet finger down her slit and slowly inserted in into her wet pussy. It was so tight and hot. I added my middle finger to the first and began to move them in and out as deep as they could go. Slowly at first just a little at a time. Pushing my fingers in and then pulling them out. Licking my fingertips clean to fill myself with the taste her. I licked around her pussy and stuck my tongue in tasting her on my lips as her juices ran down my chin. I moved my fingers back in, faster and faster I thrust them into her pussy while I moved back and continued playing my tongue back and forth over her throbbing clit. She pushed her fingers into my hair and held my mouth to her clit as I sucked. In one final moment she gasped and her body shook as she came.

After a few moments, when we could breathe again, we rolled onto our backs and looked over at the figure in the corner. Smiling, I propped myself up on one elbow and said, in my most seductive voice, “Merry Christmas, don’t you want to join us?”